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DJ Silver A.
Hawaii DJ & producer
Cafe Wha New York City
Cafe Wha NYC picture from bathroom photo taken by Silver A.
Silver A. with palm out
DJ & music producer
Hawaii Rainbow
Silver A. is a dee jay music producer and live controllist
Hawaii DJ & Producer Silver A
Best DJ for dubstep house music on the island
Silver A. Thinking Man
Silver A produces rap artists, guitarists, singers, vocals, bands and more based in Honolulu available worldwide
Hawaii DJ & Producer
DJ Silver A. mixes EDM house electronica drum & bass trance trip hip hop club music dubstep oldskool 80s classic and more
DJ Silver A.
Honolulu DJ & Music Producer
Imitations by Silver A.
Imitations a Silver A. original production



"When I produce or mix live (Live Controllerist), my goal isn’t just to provide music for people to listen to, but to give the experience. It's this kind of an experience that allows someone to tap into the primitive, instinctual part of the mind. It’s something that pushes our body to move, sway, and bob our head to the beat. It’s in our nature to hear it, feel it, and move to it... the rewarding effect of a musical creation is always a thing of beauty”  Silver A.  


For as long as he remembers music has always been what drives him. Yet it wasn't until a few years ago when a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico really changed the direction of his music. Enjoying dinner on the edge of the beach, listening to some Ibiza styled dance tracks he realized how intoxicating the "four to the floor" beat was.  It was at that moment that it dawned on him that the world of electronic music brought to full circle all of his musical abilities and curiosities. It was that platform that really got him to think of all the endless possibilities and solidified his keen interest for putting things together.


From then on, with a computer in one hand, a sharp discipline to understand a variety of musical devices, and beats dropping in his head, the music becomes a puzzle.  Once the pieces are put together the experience is there, just waiting for someone to give it a listen.  The product of each particular puzzle is truly rewarding because when the bass drops and the kick hits the floor it creates such an intense impact that we can’t help but move, hence creating “The Experience”.






The band received a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album for the album and Record of the Year The band received a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album for the album and Record of the Year





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Aspired to be a gaming designer.



Started playing guitar. Nixed gaming as a profession, but remained a gamer.



Learned to read and write music. Picked up the keyboard.



Began navigating music software. Bought his first recording interface.



Discovered mixing basic 4 track recordings. Picked up the violin & orchestra.



Solidified music theory knowledge. Professionally produced first artist.



Visited Playa Del Carmen awakening curiosity to dive deep into electronic music.



Upgraded controller & home studio. Continued producing artists & remixes.



Relocated to Honolulu. Officially remixed "Slow Down" for Selena Gomez.

And the music inevitably continues...
















Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift unofficial Red Taylor Swift







Selena Gomez Slow Down Remixes
Official Selena Gomez Slow Down Remixes by Silver A
Imitations by Silver A.
Imitations a Silver A. original production
Hourglass - Silver A.
A Silver A. Original
Lie To Me (Silver A. Unofficial Remix)
Original by Cole Plante with Myon & Shane 54 feat. Koko LaRoo
Let's Play by Silver A.
"Let's Play" is a Silver A. unofficial remix.
Imitations by Silver A.
Imitations a Silver A. original production